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Universal test socket PP 20

For devices without protective conductor terminals (Class II equipment)

(plus VAT: 114.24 €)

Outbound: 1 - 2 Days


Max. Operating voltage
400 V AC
Max. Current
16 A AC


The test sockets, which are specifically developed for test purposes, are used in the production lines of electrical / electronic products worldwide. For worldwide trade, household appliances, electrical tools and televisions and radios etc. with plugs have to be manufactured according to different national standards.

Only by using the universal test socket PP 20 is it possible to manufacture the connection with one power socket. Also the connector lines with many different plug standards, which are often used in tool carriers, can be omitted due to the test socket PP 20. A single plug socket is sufficient for nearly all country standards worldwide. The shock resistant plastic manufactured test sockets require significantly less space than multiple sockets for different country standards. For electrical wearing parts a wearing parts package is available, which guarantees the use of the test socket for a long service life.

An ideal and unique solution for the End-of-Line test in the manufacturing of electrical / electronic appliances with high unit volumes.

Usage in test field only!

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