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Here you will find a selection of our current product range. Order conveniently whenever or wherever you are from the original manufacturer. 

Find out more about our high voltage relays, high voltage testing probes and universal test sockets.

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We provide electrical safety

According to the highest standards – all over the world.

Any current flowing in a device the world over is likely to be tested with the technology of SPS electronic in terms of function and safety. This is because of the worldwide dependability on the knowhow of our experts when it comes to the state-of-the-art safety and quality – irrespective of the industry.

For almost 40 years SPS electronic has been developing and producing testing equipment in the field of electrical safety and has been selling them worldwide. Our main focus is on the supply of safety and function testers as well as a wide range of suitable accessories.

We are the technology-obsessed experts for electric testers. This is exactly the biggest advantage when you decide to work with us.

Because we develop our products based on the belief to always offer the best quality. While doing so, we have always oriented on typical worldwide appreciated values such as reliability, thoroughness and diligence – in every area. From product development to customer advisory service to individual care.

SPS electronic offers accessories for both your test equipment of all brands and the OEM user. Here, you can see that we think about the practical application and also invest in the development of accessories.

We are the only one worldwide offering so many accessories as only we are the specialists for electrical safety testing. Our range of products include, among others: