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Hipot Safety Analyser KT 1885K

Unique combination of our bestselling devices HA 1800M and P 1800D.

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24 V DC / 0 – 600 mA
Type of device
High Voltage AC: Voltage range
100 – 5,500 V
High Voltage AC: Current range
0 – 3 mA
High Voltage DC: Voltage range
100 – 6,000 V
High Voltage DC: Current range
0 – 10 mA
Insulation DC: Voltage range
100 – 6,000 V
Insulation DC: Measuring range
250 kΩ – 1 GΩ
Ground bond: Measuring range
0 – 10 Ω
Ground bond: Test current
1 – 30 A
24 V DC / 0 – 1,000 Ω
Equivalent leakage current
10 – 270 V / 0 – 10 mA
ARC Detection (optional)
0 – 100%



Sometimes less is more! That is why our new hipot safety analyser KT 1885K is limited exactly on what you need for your work. This is because suggestions and needs of our customers were also considered in the development besides the innovations of our experts. We were able to develop a product that satisfies not least with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The electrical safety analyser KT 1885K puts together all of the important test types in a single device and thereby gets along without any unnecessary attachment. It is ideal for quick, inexpensive and comfortable safety tests by current national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.)

Modern – efficient – intuitive

The hipot analyser KT 1885K provides maximum comfort and ease of use through the 10.1'' colour touchscreen built-in by default. The simple and clear instructions on the touchscreen allow even more intuitive and efficient handling. Thanks to the personalised test programs – a fully automatic test plan can also be created. The DUT must therefore be connected only once – time-consuming replugging is a matter of the past!

Ready to use anytime and anywhere

The KT 1885K features a fully electronic generator, which provides more accurate and faster testing. The device is also independent of the mains supply. Be it 120V / 60Hz in the US or 220 V / 50 Hz in China – the hipot analyser KT 1885K can readily be used anywhere in the world!

All of these and much more!

Be it direct or alternating voltage, the KT 1885K measures the voltage, current and power -all of them with automatic range selection. KT 1885K has virtually unlimited storage that allows easy documentation of test results and individual test programs.

The electrical safety analyser KT 1885K was developed as a plug-in for installation in 19’’ cabinets, but with the separately available housing it can also be used as desktop device. It can also be operated here directly via the network without an additional PC.

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Unique combination of our bestselling devices HA 1800M and P 1800D.
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Unique combination of our bestselling devices HA 1800M and P 1800D.
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