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Contact protection DK 21

Shielding of voltage-carrying conductors.

(plus VAT: 8.33 €)


Available for
RL 21, RL 42, RL 42-l


The contact protection DK 21 ensures the safety of your employees while handling voltage-carrying conductors. It was developed by SPS electronic to provide protection against accidental contact. 

This, according to relevant safety regulations necessary protection, can be attached to preexisting relays and removed just as easy. There are no additional modifications required. By using transparent materials the switching state of the relays can be observed during operation.

Please note: For use with the relays RL 42 and RL 42-l there are two DK 21 necessary. For use with the relay RL 21 you only need one touch guard.

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Mounting clip for DIN rails (incl. 4 fastening screws)
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(plus VAT: 8.33 €)